Anthony J Murphy
motion design | video mapping | live visuals
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I’m a freelance motion designer, currently based in Dublin. I work with agencies, lighting designers, and musicians, taking on roles varying from motion designer to video operator. With a focus on creating imagery for non-traditional video displays I work to produce vibrant, dynamic visuals and deliver memorable experiences with for events, festivals, and marketing campaigns.
A fascination with perception and perspective led me to creating experimental artwork using video mapping techniques. Some of that work has even managed to find it's way in to galleries, with my installation cOUNTER currently on world tour as part of Science Gallery Dublin's Illusion exhibition, curated by Richard Wiseman. I have also worked in a number of theatrical productions, the most notable being my animation and video mapping work for Herculanum at the Wexford Festival Opera.
My work with a variety of agencies and AV companies has allowed me to see my work on building facades all over Ireland, backdrops and sets for international music acts, and European television productions. 
Please feel free to get in touch.